4 Ways to Raise Your Home Value for Free

April 1, 2020

When it’s time to sell, you don’t have to spend a fortune to increase the value of your home. The more creative you get, the more you can play off of this list to brainstorm ideas for projects that will help turn an interested buyer into a done deal. Here are a few to consider: […]


How to Stain a Deck: Your Summer Guide to Deck Maintenance Made Easy

August 1, 2018

If you have a deck, one essential part of maintenance is learning how to stain it. Stain can be used to change your deck’s color or just accentuate the wood grain; it may also include sealant to protect the wood. To keep your deck in good shape, aim to stain or seal it once a […]


Are you expecting Social security to provide for your retirement? here’s a safe alternative to the stock market!

April 26, 2018

If your answer to that headline question is no (and I’m sure it is), please pay very special attention because the following information could make you thousands of dollars in the coming years simply by increasing the yield on the same money you’re investing now and totally eliminate the need for social security. I am […]


Why Passive Investing In Commercial Real Estate Is A Smarter Strategy Than Single Family Rentals

April 24, 2018

One of the most common ways I have seen investors invest in real estate is to purchase and operate one or more single family houses as rentals. It’s a logical approach for many investors as it’s a process they understand, having purchased their own home. In addition, owning a second home can be attractive as […]


7 Things About Demolition Day the Reality TV Shows Don’t Tell You

April 19, 2018

Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images Binge-watching HGTV can make a home renovation seem so simple—and almost fun. The best part? Demo Day, where you get to slam a sledgehammer into drywall and feel like the Hulk. Bam! Pow! You’ve gained 6 pounds of muscle and torn down a whole house! Except in real life it isn’t quite that […]


Scenic Drive Soon to Hit the Market

April 18, 2018

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve shared our progress on 816 Scenic Drive; a lot of things have changed. Finally with a break in the terrible weather we were able to snap some progress pictures. The exterior is almost completely finished with a new roof, siding, windows, and a wrap around deck. The only […]


Selling a Home: How to Choose Between 5 Different Offers

April 5, 2018

Selling a home? Which offer will you accept? When you put your home up for sale you’ll attract all types of offers. The most notable difference between these offers is normally financing, and how buyers intend to pay for their purchase. So what types of bids might you get? Which are the best choices for […]


Shaping Up at 816 Scenic

February 16, 2018

The past two weeks at 816 Scenic have been full of progress. With a little break in the weather we were finally able to complete the roof and siding. The windows have been replaced and the new wrap around deck is finished. Now we’re making headway on the interior. Remember the dungeon bathroom? Well… it’s […]


2940 Pence Street: Before and After

February 5, 2018

Wow, what a ride! When we purchased 2940 Pence Street back in August 2017, I had no idea the struggle we were about to face in bringing this house back to life. Mistakes were made, contractors came and went, materials were stolen and had to be repurchased. Finally, after 6 months of persistence, dedication, and […]


2940 Pence Street Ready for the Taking

January 30, 2018

Fully remodeled and now on the market, the time to schedule a showing at this beautiful South Charleston home is now! Whether you’re looking for your first home or a fresh start, this is a must see. This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2732 sq ft home comes with a new roof, updated kitchen and bathrooms, […]