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When it’s time to sell, you don’t have to spend a fortune to increase the value of your home. The more creative you get, the more you can play off of this list to brainstorm ideas for projects that will help turn an interested buyer into a done deal. Here are a few to consider: […]

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If you have a deck, one essential part of maintenance is learning how to stain it. Stain can be used to change your deck’s color or just accentuate the wood grain; it may also include sealant to protect the wood. To keep your deck in good shape, aim to stain or seal it once a […]

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If your answer to that headline question is no (and I’m sure it is), please pay very special attention because the following information could make you thousands of dollars in the coming years simply by increasing the yield on the same money you’re investing now and totally eliminate the need for social security. I am […]

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"My family recently sold a house that belonged to my parents to Building Appalachia. Both of my parents have passed and my brother and I were left with a couple of decisions to make. The house appeared to be in good shape, but there were some issues that we weren't aware of. With him living out of state and unable to help, we decided to sell the house "as is". After receiving a couple offers, we agreed to terms with Building Appalachia. Throughout this process, I always felt that Jordan and Jacob were very honest and open. With this being our family home for many years, they were also very respectful. I kept in contact with them throughout the renovation period and was even offered to tour the house. I'm very pleased with the work they've done and I'm sure my parents would be too. I'm sure that the next family to live in the house will be very happy. I hope they'll make as many great memories as we did."

Chris Kirkhart

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